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Post by Beav232 on Sun Apr 27, 2008 9:45 am

Name : Beav
Age : 13
Character : Kind, sometimes, hates idiots( Jesse, Ash not James though) He wants to become an officer. ( hint hint )
Looks : So much like Lucas it's scary.
Originally from : Viridian City
Starting Pokemon : He didn't get one Sad
History: Was born to a rich family from Viridian city. Had a pokemon for a pet when he was young ( could that have been his favorite Machop?) grew up, met Ash. Didn't get a starter( thanks Machop)

Still wanna be an officer. (although Jenny's force never does anything)

Pokemon(as of now): Machamp
Type 1:Fight
Ability: Guts
Looks: It's a Machamp. Look it up on bulbapedia
Description: Well typical Machamp, strong, ready to fight, but likes peple.
Moves: 1. Seismic Toss 2. Cross chop 3. Brick break 4. Vital throw.

Type 1: Water
Type 2: Psychic
Looks: Like a slowpoke but has a frill around it's neck and a wierd shellder on it's head.
Description: Smart. Very very smart. Isn't too trusting.
Moves: 1. Psybeam 2.Hypnosis 3.Psychic 4. Water gun

Chatalot (chatot)
Type 1: Normal
Type 2: flying
Looks: go to bulbapedia for these.
Description: A copycat. kinda very silly. Kinda likes people.
Moves: 1.Fly 2. chatter 3.mimic 4. roost

Alot are in the PC. Will be described when withdrawn.;


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Post by Dawn on Sun Apr 27, 2008 10:20 am


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