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Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader Empty Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader

Post by Vandike on Fri May 02, 2008 10:47 am

Name : Vincent Vandike
Age : 20
Looks : Good i guess, er, wait.. picture? here, here..
check my avatar, that's what i look at close up, haha..
and here's my supposed to be trainer card that seems expired, "ayayay.."
Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader 2gwtjj7
still looks good..

Character : a happy-go-lucky individual, well, since he's got nothing to lose pale Very Forgetful, wait i forgot something.. "ayayay.." He loves saying "ayayay..", and "oh crap.." whenever in trouble. Though he is very powerful, nobody knows he's capacity since he's not a familliar face at Shinno, except in Eterna where he spent his first 15 years in. Left to train hard, never returned to Eternia, became Gym Leader at Lavaridge but soon was burried in sand for unknown reasons. Rumors said a battle occured against a powerful trainer, and the overwhelming power buried the gym up until now.

Badge : Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader 35ckayq this baby is the "Eternal Badge" represents the Ground where countless people have walked on from generation to generation, the ground was, is, and forever will be eternal.

"I explain a lot, I should avoid that habit.."

Gym Location : No where.. yeah, weird huh? My Gym's formerly located at Hoenn Near Lavaridge, which is now burried in sand, pale at Route 111 at Hoenn. Just read my history.. No

Home Town : Eterna City (I wonder where the badge's name came from)

Pokémons :

1. Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader Johnc1000 Swampert
- lively, hyper, loves to have fun, not really serious about anything.. Neutral
Skills :
-Hammer Arm
-Hydro Cannon

2. Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader Johnc843 Donphan
- very irrational, hot headed. pain in my silent .. ..but he makes my life more fun.. Very Happy
Skills :
-Giga Impact

3. Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader Suuske2 Flygon
- Flygon's the one that I use to travel, well, since he can fly Neutral , very friendly, which isn't a good thing during battles.. Rumored to be the fastest Flygon in Hoenn, i don't know here in Shinno.. Laughing
Skills :
-Draco Meteor

4. Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader Mamouth Mamoswine
- one big dude, stands at 10 feet tall.. and weights a ton.. too much self confidence though.. Mad
Skills :
-Rock Climb

5. Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader 78Rhyperior Rhyperior (doesn't like moving lol)
- one cranky pokémon, loves to fight, tries to prove his being an alpha male way too much.. Mad
Skills :
-Swords Dance
-Rock Wrecker

6. Vincent Vandike - The Famously Forgotten Gym Leader Johnc657 Steelix
- The Legendary Wonder of Lavaridge, the reason why I became a Legend, er, that is forgotten, and nobody knows anymore.. Crying or Very sad anyway, a steelix at 40 feet long and weights a ton! Rumored to be the cause of the destruction of The lavaridge Gym.. it's not a rumor, it's true.. ayayay..
Skills :
-Stone Edge
-Explosion Twisted Evil

History :

Born and raised in Eterna City, grew up normally, i guess, untill he believed to have seen Groudon, (i really did see him, believe me!). Dedicated his Life to search Groudon, he left Eterna and went to the Hoenn region, since he heard that Groudon lies near Lavaridge, he spent his young adult life there training his rhydon and donphan. The Legend of Lavaridge, Steelix, rumored to be the toughest Steelix since being honed by Lavaridge Heat, was believed to be tougher than steel. Took him a year to capture Steelix and was known as the town hero. Bestowed to be the Lavaridge's Gym Leader, nobody obtained his badge, until the day he met an unknown trainer, up to now (since i plan to keep the only person who sort of beat Razz me a secret). The battle was a destructive one. A gigantic explosion signaled the end of the battle, but no sign of the trainer nor Vandike was to be found. Found at a hospital at Jubilife City, suffered a comma for a year, woke up found out that his life, his gym, and his popularity gone. "start from scratch eh? ayayay..", "oh crap!" vandike groaned as he lost all his money as payment for the hospital.. What will become of his life now?? Start up Jubilife Town! "I wonder where Groudon is, I guess I'll never find him this time.."

phew took me 3 hours to make this, hope you like it.. Gif sprites found at..
i edited the sprites on my trainer card, i made my own badge, i can make one for you guys,
im very good at graphics, and i also have a forum at forumotion about pokémon, i plan to invite them.. Very Happy

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