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Post by Jordan on Mon Mar 17, 2008 4:35 pm

Jordan walked in and went to the counter.
He bought 15 Poke balls and some food.
On the way out the man at the counter said 'Hey kid how much money you got.'
"Enough" Jordan replied coldly.
'Would it be enough to buy one of these' the man at the counter said as he held up a Master Ball.
Jordan turned around and walked back to the counter, pulled out the majority of his money, and asked the man"is this enough."
The man looked and then said 'well no..(he was lying)... but I think you can make it far kid' he said as he grabbed the money and threw Jordan the ball.
'Thanks for your service' the man smiled as Jordan walked out of the store.
"Yea, thanks" Jordan said without looking back.
I must save this Jordan thought as he headed for the tournament arena.
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