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Post by Andross on Sat Mar 08, 2008 11:58 am

Here is a pokemon roleplay example:

Bill was walking through the forest and examining the trees, "Ahh. Such a beautiful day!" He said proudly with a smile. While he was walking he stopped and noticed something move in the bushes. "It must be a pokemon!" He reached for his belt and a pokeball, "Charmander, I chose you!" He yelled as Charmander popped out. It roared and charged toward the bushes when a Drowzy popped out. "Charmander use fireball!" He pointed at Drowzy and Charmander shot a fireball out of his mouth.

Drowzy was hit by the fireball and fell to the ground. Bill opened his pokeball and Charmander returned. Bill pulled out another one that was empty and threw it an Drowzy who was pulled into the ball. It bounced and bounced but finally it stopped. "Yah!" He cheered as Drowzy was caught. Bill went over and picked up the pokeball and put it on his belt. He continued to walk down the road through the forest.

There it was simple bit thats how you should rp like.

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